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Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure can be considered a conceptual framework for understanding the ‘valuable services nature provides the human environment.’ At the national or regional level, interconnected networks of park systems and wildlife corridors preserve ecological function, manage water, provide wildlife habitat, and create a balance between built and natural environments. At the urban level, parks and urban forestry are central to reducing energy usage costs and creating clean, temperate air. Lastly, green roofs, walls, and other techniques within or on buildings bring a range of benefits, including reduced energy consumption and dramatically decreased stormwater runoff. At all scales, green infrastructure provides real ecological, economic, and social benefits. It is a resource within the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Keywords: Built Environment, Climate Change, Crowd Sourcing, Ecosystem Health, Erosion, Green Infrastructure, Groundwater, Land Practices, Water, Wetlands, Ecological, wildlife habitat, parks, wildlife corridors, urban forestry, energy, green roofs, stormwater, architects, engineers,

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