Building a Brilliant Network

Big change is possible when people work together, generate new ideas, and forge partnerships. That’s the goal of the Great Lakes Clean Communities Network (GLCCN), an effort supported by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, where leaders connect in new and powerful ways, and determination drives innovative ideas to address environmental problems locally and throughout the Great Lakes.

The GLCCN is a free online network for water, natural resources and environmental professionals working in the Great Lakes Basin, seeking to connect individuals and organizations that strive to make the Great Lakes greater. The Network is a place for practitioners to build new and stronger partnerships, translate innovative ideas into powerful outcomes, and discover game-changing tools and resources.

"We often find there are networks of brilliant people, but very few brilliant networks.  We see this as an opportunity to make this a brilliant network. Connecting leaders with leaders to do things that none of them could have imagined doing alone and doing it together is a powerful idea worth investing in."

David Rankin, Great Lakes Protection Fund

Municipalities, environmental organizations, watershed groups, government agencies, universities, private businesses and more have an opportunity to network on the GLCCN and find solutions to the most pressing problems facing the Great Lakes. Whether you’re a watershed coordinator, water resource specialist, sustainability manager, community planner, researcher, consultant, policy maker, or working in the broad water arena, the GLCCN has something to offer.

Join the GLCCN today to:

  • Add yourself to the Great Lakes Map
  • Promote your work and success stories
  • Connect with individuals working toward the same goals
  • Access a myriad of online environmental tools
  • Evaluate and track progress toward environmental goals using the GLCCN’s EcoScore
  • Learn about strategies for using social media as a non-profit organization
  • Be recognized for meeting your environmental goals

The GLCCN Development team is lead by the Michigan State University Institute of Water Research (IWR) with the School of Information at the University of Michigan and The Nature Conservancy. Several pilot communities and beta-testers have contributed to the development, along with input from our Advisory Board. Learn more about our partners.

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